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Triangle Tire chairman proposes setting higher tire standards

Triangle Tire Co.,Ltd. chairman of the board Ding Yuhua submitted several proposals, which are focused on strengthening the standard system of tires, during China’s annualNPC & CPPCC sessions .

China has led the world in tire production over the past twelve years. Yet there are only basic standards such as the national standard and the CCC.

Ding proposed that China should improve the tire standard system to a more strict level.

The current national standard for car tires only include rules about specification, size, air pressure, load, test and inspection methods, with rare lines on technical standards of tire performance.

“Actually, the technical standards are the focus of the advanced countries when they make tire standards and regulations,” said Ding.

In recent years, the international “threshold” for tire techniques has kept rising. For instance, the EU passed tire rules of REACH and EU Tire Label. The U.S., Japan and South Korea have also passed new rules for tire standards. Brazil, Saudi Arabian and India arealso pacing up in making new rules.

Ding pointed out that China should set much more strict national standards for tire production, especially in terms of the rolling resistance and wet-skid resistance.

Also, the government should improve the tire standards for car manufacturers to promote the use of safer and more environment -friendly tires, Ding proposed.

“It is urgent for China to make laws to impose the tire label rules,” Ding emphasized.

Under the tire label rules, China can impose the tire recall system to protect consumers’ interest, based on the traceability of a single tire, Ding said.

Accordingly, China produced 600 million pieces of tires in 2016. However, China cannot be called a “strong” tire producing country, with excessive low-level capacities, backward technology and low added value.