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Indian government Imposes Definitive Countervailing Duty On Tyre Imports From China

According to a latest update from the Central Board Of Indirect Taxes And Customs of India, the government has imposed countervailing duty on new pneumatic radial tyres, which are imported from China, for five years. These tyres are above 16 inches and normally used in buses, lorries/trucks.

Ministry's of Finance notification stated that it has come to the conclusion that imposition of definitive countervailing duty is required to offset subsidisation and injury and has recommended the imposition of definitive countervailing duty on the imports of the subject goods from China."...the Central Government, after considering the aforesaid final findings of the Designated Authority, hereby imposes on the subject goods," said in the notification.

The Department listed nearly eight tariff items and duty ranges from 9.12 per cent to 17.57 per cent.

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